Logan Vasquez

Software Engineer

Logan Vasquez

Software Engineer

B.S. Computer Science, Central Methodist University. 2023.


Raspberry Pi

Logic Gates


Servers & Networking



Extensive experience in full-stack web application development, data analysis, and computational modeling. My work has led to years of R&D contributions, fuelled by a deep dive into computer science and cybersecurity at Central Methodist University and Drury University. A seasoned communicator, I meet the toughest of tech challenges with a logical and intelligent approach. Forever learning, I'm eager to tackle the future of tech.






Node / Bun

Private Sector

Software Development at Scale.

Freelance Software Engineer

I Create Cool Things. Remote Jan 2023 - Present.


TypeScript | Angular | Cognito | RxJS | BunJS | NodeJS | React | Svelte | Shopify API | Stripe API | Salesforce API | Agile Methodologies | HubSpot | Mixpanel | Jira | Algorithms | Lambda | DynamoDB | S3 | Amplify | Ant Design | Software as a Service | Whatever Needs To Be Learned

Software Engineer

As a Freelance Software Engineer, I've spearheaded the development of high-impact, scalable software solutions, leveraging a broad tech stack including TypeScript, Angular, AWS services (Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, Amplify), Cognito, RxJS, and Agile methodologies. My expertise extends to integrating analytics and management tools like HubSpot, Mixpanel, and Jira to drive data-driven decisions. Embracing the fluidity of technology, I continuously expand my skill set to meet evolving project needs, underscoring my adaptability and dedication to crafting meaningful digital experiences. My role necessitates a blend of creativity, technical prowess, and a proactive learning mindset, positioning me at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions that address complex challenges.

ThinkWhy LLC Dba LaborIQ

Junior Software Developer, Hybrid July 2022 - July 2023.


TypeScript | Angular | Cognito | RxJS | Agile Methodologies | HubSpot | Mixpanel | Jira | Algorithms | Lambda | DynamoDB | S3 | Amplify | Ant Design | Software as a Service

Junior Software Developer

Key contributor at LaborIQ. Upgraded four monorepos and two applications from Angular 9 to 12, improving functionality and UX. Developed new operational features, contributing to the expansion of our application stack. Carried out in-depth exploratory work for potential feature development, backed by proofs of concept. Extensively leveraged Angular for front-end enhancements. Implemented project management and issue tracking via Jira, facilitating an organized workflow. Showcased expertise in using HubSpot and Mixpanel for effective CRM and data analytics. Collaborated closely with developers and stakeholders to deliver software solutions in line with company and customer objectives.

MuffinTop Movers LLC

Chief Technology Officer, Hybrid Jan 2022 - Present.


TypeScript | Angular | Cognito | RxJS | Agile Methodologies | HubSpot | Mixpanel | Jira | Algorithms | Lambda | DynamoDB | S3 | Amplify | Ant Design | Node.Js | Risk Management | Leadership | IT Strategy | IT Operations | Project Management

Chief Technology Officer

Work with the executive team to leverage IT for business and financial growth. Identifying and integrating emerging IS technologies, and foreseeing organizational changes. Ensuring robust IT and network infrastructure for computing, data processing, and communication needs. Facilitating departmental understanding and execution of company goals, projects, and timelines. Serving as a top-tier contact for end users in determining IS requirements or solutions. Primary contact for all aspects of the organization's web presence.


Never Stop Learning.

Central Methodist University

B.S. Computer Science, Fall 2023.

B.S. Computer Science - Software Engineering

As a Computer Science major at Central Methodist University, I completed an extensive curriculum designed to provide a comprehensive foundation in both theoretical and applied computing. My academic journey was marked by a focus on Software Engineering, where I engaged deeply with both the fundamentals and advanced concepts necessary for a career in technology.

Relevant Coursework

Software Engineering & Development

  • Java (CS237-OA)
  • .NET Frameworks (.NET 1 - CS172-A and .NET II - CS271-A)
  • Python Programming (CS238-OK)
  • Web Programming (CS216-OK)
  • Programming with Java (CS237-OA)
  • Game Programming (CS375-OA)
  • Senior Thesis (Capstone) (CS480-OK)
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Key Achievements

  • Dean's List x4: Recognized for academic excellence with a term GPA of at least 3.500. Achieved 4.00 GPA in final semester of coursework while taking 23 credit hours.
  • Senior Capstone Project (CS480-OK): Successfully completed a comprehensive Senior Thesis, demonstrating expertise in software development and project management.
  • Cumulative GPA: 3.207, reflecting consistent academic performance across all coursework.
  • Varsity Men's Wrestling: Competed at the collegiate level, demonstrating discipline, teamwork, and leadership.
  • Graduation Date: December 2023

Arlington High School

Arlington, Texas. Graduated 2019.

Distinguished Achievement Program - Endorsement in STEM

Relevant courses: AP Computer Science, AP Calculus BC, AP Physics, AP English Literature, AP World History, AP U.S. History, AP U.S. Government, AP Macroeconomics. Graduated with a 4.0 GPA; Rank 9 of over 850 students. National Hispanic Honors from CollegeBoard. Top 1% in the nation on the PSAT.


The Foundations on Which I Stand.

I'm deeply interested in the interplay between determinism and free will, a balance shaped by the nature of our universe. My philosophical perspective is influenced by the unchangeable past, a chain of events and decisions driven by the predictable laws of classical physics. However, looking to the future, I see not determinism, but a sea of possibilities, reflecting the uncertainty central to quantum physics. To me, life is about learning from the past, taking on board its lessons, and stepping into the future, where choice is our only certainty. This view informs my personal and professional endeavors.


Embracing the future is synonymous with embracing technology. My work in software engineering and as a Chief Technology Officer has convinced me that understanding and harnessing technology is critical to shaping tomorrow. I've worked with a variety of languages and frameworks like Angular, Python, C#, and .Net, and I'm always committed to learning and pushing boundaries. Technology, to me, is not just a set of tools. It's about using these tools to craft solutions that have a real impact on the world.


Nobody flourishes in isolation. My contributions extend beyond coding and into the wider community. I've volunteered in various capacities, from coaching youth wrestling to assisting The L40 Foundation provide summer camp opportunities for underprivileged youth. These experiences underscore the importance of connection, service, and leadership, values that were also important to me during my wrestling career at Central Methodist University. My philosophy recognizes the importance of progress, but also respects our past. It reflects a pursuit of innovation balanced by empathy and human connection, contributing depth to the typical discourse on progress.

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